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Linux operating system experiences and how-tos.

  • OpenVPN Let’s Encrypt

    1. Install certbot: sudo apt install certbot 2. Shudown OpenVPN server command: sudo systemctl stop openvpnas 3. Install Let’s Encrypt certs multi-line command: sudo certbot certonly \ –standalone \ –non-interactive \ –agree-tos \ –email EMAIL_ADDRESS \ –domains DOMAIN_NAME \ –pre-hook ‘sudo service openvpnas stop’ \ –post-hook ‘sudo service openvpnas start’ 4. Link Let’s Encrypt certs […]

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  • Migrating cPanel/WHM to AWS

    A Practical Example of Moving Web Servers into the Cloud In this article I’ll detail my experiences virtualizing servers into Amazon Web Services ecosystem. A client who runs a niche web hosting company contacted me about improving his infrastructure. Costs were going up and it was getting difficult managing resources as the business expanded. He […]

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